Brittany Daniel Online


Name: Brittany Ann Daniel

Birthdate: March 17, 1976

Hometown: Gainesville, Fl (GO GATORS)

Resides: Los Angeles, Ca

Height: 5’7

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Parents: C.B and Carolyn

Siblings: Twin sister Cynthia and older brother Brad

Fun Facts

Brittany’s hobbies include bunjee jumping, rock climbing, and roller blading.

Brittany relaxes by sleeping in or going to the beach.

Brittany stays good friends with all her ex-boyfriends. She says she ends the relationship when things start getting bad.

Brittany and twin sister Cynthia appeared in two Doublemint gum commercials. One when they were 14 and 18. Brittany was also in a McDonald’s commercial when she was young.

Brittany’s father, C.B, ran for the mayor of Gainesville in 2004. He was unfortunately beat out.

Brittany will be an aunt in September. Her sister Cynthia is expecting her first child.

Brittany has a tattoo on her left toe that is a stick figure with B + C. Cynthia has a matching tattoo on her right toe (I believe).

Brittany is the older twin by five minutes. She is also an inch taller than Cynthia.

Brittany loved the Mickey Mouse club when she was younger. Now she hangs out with some of the cast members.

Brittany has confessed to being a flip flops kinda girl. She has recently glammed up her style. (Hey there’s nothing wrong with flip flops! I own a pair in almost every color!)

Brittany has a nickel sized birthmark on top of her left wrist.. it’s cute. If you look closely you can see it in Joe Dirt and Club Dread. You can also see it in quite a few pictures.

Brittany and actress Marisa Coughlin were born on the same day. Coincidentally, both were the female lead character in a Broken Lizard movie. Brittany as Jenny in Club Dread and Marisa as Ursela in Super Troopers. Do the guys of Broken Lizard have something for girls born on March 17th?

Brittany says she is still extremely close to her family and visits often!

Brittany used to be a vegetarian but now eats some meat. She ate a turkey sandwich during a Movie Web Club Dread interview.. lol.